Thursday, August 14, 2014


New groups just starting out in the music world need a bit of assistance with finances.  They look to find used items to make do until they can afford new ones.  If they go online and shop at those convenient stores a nice  cheap  way to buy will be found.  It's great to find good sales and the exact things you are looking to buy.  Maybe, that's why you can be certain to find them online at these stores.

RIP Robin

Hollywood, will feel the loss for years to come with the death of "Robin Williams".  His funny witt and antics keep audience's rolling in their seats.  It's hard to realize that the demons which attack the sanity of some people are real and they suffer horribly.  It's sad to see this happen to someone who gave so much to others.  Maybe now he can rest in peace.  Here's to you Mork, na no, na no!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


My sister and her husband purchased a  bose  sound system a few years back when they first married.  They've found it to be rewarding each time the TV is turned on.  It's quality and volume is outstanding and very great to experience.  For information about the new systems, click on the above address.

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Soldier

 You call your girlfriend and set a date for tonight.
He waits for the mail to see if there is a  letter from home.  
You hug and kiss your girlfriend, like you do everyday.
He holds his letter close and smells his love's perfume.
You roll your eyes as a baby  cries.
He gets a letter with pictures of his new child, and wonders if they'll ever  meet.

This was sent to me in an email, which I'm passing along to my reader's........source unknown.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Two left feet describes many people, who wish for more.  They can be living anywhere and still will need the help of a dance teacher.  The people in this area can sign up  for private dance lessons in santa monica  and get on the road to dancing success.  Why wait any longer and be standing there like a wall flower, when you can have the fun you deserve?

Emotional Moments

 For one family it was a sad but rewarding moment, and for a female graduate, it was a wonderful surprise.  Two different situations during a college graduation ceremony which each one involved will remember for years to come.


It's always a convenience to have a few cinch bags to grab in a hurry.  Your own the way out the door to some meeting or appointment and need to grab a few things to take with you.  Just in case there's nothing to munch on in the area or maybe a book to read.  I'm sure you can keep some on hand because they are really cheap.  Click on the link  who has the best custom cinch bags  and do some shopping.  You'll have loads of fun.

Wow, She Lost It

For the second night in a row, my oldest daughter and I ended up on the online "poker" game.  This night was different from the one before.  She was racking up the points while I sat here floundering at the hands of some un sportsman like men.  Being that I was trying to enjoy myself and just play the game, this jerk kept bidding ultra high to throw off people who didn't know what he was doing and get all their accrued points and fast!  She saw and was able to catch his wind with a few of the same on her own.  This gave her the edge on him and he caught her off guard once again.  She made a statement after the next hand, which she won and it pissed him off.  He went so far as too curse her on the chatroom the left in a rush.  I kept quiet, but realized she was trying to defend me and call him down at the same time.  It was funny and yet alittle weird.

Friday, May 30, 2014


 Those of your living in the Chicago areas, can find a relaxing time while having a soothing  massage in chicago .  I know there are many of you there who try to indulge in this fine pleasure often.  Trying to find a good spa which treats you to different goodies, is hard in certain areas.  This is a good time to check out the website under the link in this post.

Still Got It!

Last evening while I was on a social network, my daughter found me.  I was playing "poker" online and she entered the room.  While we played she considered that I was a "push over" and she would show Mom how to play.  It's funny how you look back in time and remember things that happened as they were growing up.  Yep, once again I beat her butt......this time in "poker"  ")

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Online Site

 You can do your real estate shopping online and find so many open listings.  Just open the link  goconnect real estate crm app  and do a search in your local area.  If you are considering moving to a different state, then you can access property in that area, if you do a search there.  I suggest trying the link in this post to see what is offered.

I Did

I did a bad thing this weekend, when I wouldn't go into work.  I wanted to get some respect from my boss, since she always, finds a way to call me in at the last minute.  I know I should be glad that she calls me in to work and gives me that chance to make some cash.  Yet, when you call someone at 10pm at night and ask if they will work, I'd say it should be a good reason.  See, this isn't the first time she's done this and I had to re arrange my weekend plans.  Not funny!